As an animal communicator, Nancy Orlen Webers expertise covers a spectrum of fields. From soothing the physical pain your pet is suffering to calming and easing hyperactivity, Nancys pet services are beyond compare. If youre searching for a specialist in animal aromatherapy, pet behavior issues, holistic pet care, and other services of animal healing; your search ends with Nancy at Animal Scents. If you wish to become certified in the art of animal aromatherapy and other animal wellness services; as a former pet locator, Nancy will enlighten you on that journey. Since 1975, Nancy Orlen Weber has been offering her services as an animal communicator, gaining widespread recognition and successful stories along the way. Nancy now offers both in person and over the phone sessions. Specializing in animal wellness, Nancy offers a range of pet services to help you stay in tune with your pets needs. Services are made available in person, on phone, and on Skype! Nancy also offers essential oils and corresponding techniques to aid in the healing process. According to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, essential oils were used thousands of years before Christ to heal the sick. Taking these ancient values into modern times, Nancy uses animal aromatherapy to heal pets in unspoken need.

Animal Scents Nancy Orlen Weber also offers workshops, lectures and certifications on distance healing, animal healing and other pet wellness services. Some of the workshops offered are animal aromatherapy, essential oils, how to be an animal communicator and certification in the Raindrop Technique. The Raindrop Technique uses Young Living Essential Oils, dropping these oils through the animals aura. As a beautiful and mutually beneficial technique, this will rejuvenate both you and your pets.

Watching your pet suffer is heartbreaking. Being able to communicate with them gives you and your animals the comfort of knowing they can count on you, no matter what. As a pet communicator and past animal rescuer, there is no one who has better insight into the animal soul than Nancy Orlen Weber. Contact Animal Scents today to speak with Nancy, RN and animal communication. Let her help lighten your pets spirit, or get certified in doing the same!

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to join with me in our love and concern for our furry, feathered, scaly and other interestingly clothed species some of whom we call our best friends.

This site is devoted to sharing whatever I have learned, intuited and gathered in my quest and devotion to relieving suffering and keeping everyone healthy.

This website is dedicated to all our precious friends, some of whom have returned to spirit, some who are right by our sides and some yet to join us. May we all make in a difference in all their lives.

In the joyful light of love,

Sammy's Story

"Nancy, come with me to the Red Woof Inn. You have to meet someone." This was 1995 and the Dickens (my sweet husband) drove us to our local shelter. The first cage had this precious female kitten. When we opened the cage she went into my arms, up to my neck and hugged me, face into my chin. What would you do?

So Samantha came home. She had been found in the local woods and in the shelter for four months. All our other companion animals had left this earth so Sammy was alone.

Speaks for itself doesn't it?
Sammy loved coming home to us.

Kit and Kaboodle's story...

"Nancy, Ralph's & Kathy's cat Molly just had kittens." While I have taken in rescues since the 1960's, so had our friends, in fact they bought more land just to make sure all the rescues had room. Off we went to see 2 little rambunctious 2 week olds. Along came their wonderful big old black lab Sophie who just kept cleaning them and nuzzling them as if they were hers.

"Okay as long as I can call them Kit and Kaboodle." I was delighted. Once weaned they joined Sammy. They spent precious time together, playing, adoring the land outside and watching the wildlife. Kit became ill one night and within hours she passed over. We believe it was some toxic matter she ingested.

Boodle as we have come to call her, spent days adjusting but with Sammy to coax her into playing and chasing, she found her way back to enjoying each and every moment. Now at 15 (Sammy) and 14 (Boodle) they are blessed (so far) with great health and joy. If you visit, watch your step, they will not get out of the way even if you are a dog. They delight in the deer outside and can watch for hours.

The bear, not so much...

Baby Beauty eating...

The full story of how this precious baby Mourning Dove came to us and lived with us is in my book, The Gift of Interspecies Communication". Dick had the pleasure of trying to feed a bird that doesn't open it's mouth and had just opened her eyes (don't know really whether she was a she or a he). Years have gone by and yet every Mourning Dove we see we know is one of Beauty's cousins or children.